COVE is a collection of handmade items and carefully curated vintage. They're pieces that I made or found and would have in my own home and use in daily life.

My mother owned a thrift store and I grew up spending hours in her shop and at the local Goodwill, putting together outfits and spending my allowance on (hideous) vintage furniture. When I wasn't surfing racks at thrift stores, I could be found gazing longingly at the beautiful art supplies in our small local art shop. A fascination that likely began on trips to Sherwin Williams with my father where I would collect paint samples and make believe I was a painter. I also recall getting "lost" in my grandmother's quilting + art room — a massive and seemingly secretive space where one could fulfill every art dream.

Suffice it to say collecting and making have been with me for a long time, as has the dream of sharing it all. Thank you for following this journey and supporting a small business, run by just me and for making the decision to buy handmade and secondhand.

Ashley Schoenknecht